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But identifying emerging trends and needs is essential if the sector is to remain innovative and competitive. At Skills Development Scotland we are committed to supporting tourism businesses of all sizes to grasp opportunities for growth.

Clear forward direction

In partnership with the Tourism Skills Group we are undertaking a review and a refresh of the Skills Investment Plan (SIP) for Scotland’s Tourism Sector.

The aim is to understand recent changes to the sector, review progress made thanks to the SIP, understand changes in the demand for skills, and assess any changes in priorities and the actions required.

Ultimately, the aim is to set a clear forward direction with actions and performance measures which will serve the sector well in the years ahead.

Skills Update

One initiative which will help in this exercise is the publication of research commissioned by SDS and the Tourism Skills Group into Customer Experience, exploring how the needs of tourism businesses can be supported.

The report is now available to download, with more information available through the latest edition of our Tourism Skills Update.

The Update also features the latest on a range of other projects, including the forthcoming launch of the Digital Tourism programme, Springboard’s Future Chef initiative and sources of funding such as Flexible Training Opportunities and the Employer Recruitment Incentive.

More information will follow in future months as we move towards a refresh of the Skills Investment Plan and continue supporting Scotland’s Tourism sector to fulfil its skills needs

What’s next?

If you would like to know how your company can become involved in this work or would simply like to find out more please contact Key Sector Manager Lawrence Durden.