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An introduction to meta skills

To ensure we thrive as individuals, businesses and on an economic and a societal level, we
all need to develop new skills. These skills are not just to help us cope in this world
of ongoing change. They are skills to excel; to collaborate and empathise with others and to
create our own futures.

These skills and capabilities themselves are not new and have been called
many things and classified in a range of different ways across the globe.

Defining them more clearly help us to see that they can be learned and used directly in jobs.

Meta skills groupings

The skills have been classified under three headings:

  • Self management: Manage the now
  • Social intelligence: Connect with the world
  • Innovation: Create our own change

We're already using these skills and this language on our sister site My World of Work (My WoW) and Careers.mywow. This means individuals and your employees are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of meta skills.


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