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Share your expertise, offer career talks and set examples of good practice in your sector through workplace tours. You'll inspire the next generation of workers and give them vital insight into just what is required to make it in your business or industry. Find below frequently asked questions about workplace tours.

What is a workplace tour?

It is a guided tour of your business premises, offering more detailed information on your office surroundings, type of work, and general everyday activity.

What does a workplace tour involve?

A workplace tour involves giving students the opportunity to visit your company, and see first-hand how it functions on a day-to-day basis.

Is it just about showing them around?

If that is what you want, yes. It could also include activities, workshops, masterclasses and a chance for the pupils to ask employees about their work.

What is the benefit to my organisation?

Your organisation can gain a lot from opening its doors to young people. It can help employees develop and enhance their skills and experience. You can also actively demonstrate your organisation's dedication to working with your local community, and learn from the students you invite in.

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