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The Certificate of Work Readiness is designed to create ‘job ready’ employees who are taking their first steps into the world of work.

You’ll offer them 10 weeks of work experience – with free support from a local training provider and then assess their performance as part of an SQA qualification.

This means you can tailor their work placement to your business needs and develop your potential future workforce at the same time. Below, employers reveal their experiences of the initiative and we explain how we'll support you through the process.

What other employers say...

“We’re just about to start our fourth intake. At the end of training we have ready-made candidates who can be considered for any positions that may arise. I’m delighted that the majority of those who accepted our offers of employment are still with us today.”
Macdonald Holyrood Hotel (Pictured top, Brian Green, maintenance manager, with Chris McNeill, maintenance assistant)
“David was an enthusiastic addition. We have been delighted with his progress and see no reason why he cannot continue to further his career within the company. We are now using CWR as a route for other potential employees.”
ACI Integrated Solutions (pictured left, David Pate with tutor Kulvinder Cainth)
“We’ve been able to put together a strategic, long-term approach to grow our own workforce with the correct skills set along with improved staff morale and better retention.”
Advanced Computer Installations

Five reasons to get involved

Glasgow businessman Umer Malik, director of the multi-award winning coffee house and internet cafe chain iCafe, is one of hundreds of employers taking part in the scheme. Here he gives a rundown of the benefits...

  • The 190 hours of work experience is a great way to see if the candidate can grow with our company.
  • Taking on someone with limited work experience can be a challenge. With CWR, it’s reassuring to know I had support from the training provider who had covered the workplace essentials with them.
  • It’s exciting to work with a blank canvas, someone who has an open mind and is more adaptable to change.
  • I am supporting them in gaining an SQA accredited qualification.
  • I am able to motivate and develop my existing staff by offering mentor roles.

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What's involved

You'll work with a training provider to make sure the work placement goes smoothly.

What's next?

Contact your local Employment Engagement Adviser by filling in our Skills Support Request form or call our helpline on 0800 783 6000.

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