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CMS Windows is leading the way in attracting young women into the construction industry through Modern Apprenticeships.

The manufacturing and installation company based in Cumbernauld said more young women are applying for MAs than ever before.

The firm believes a diverse workforce is crucial to the long-term success of any organisation and has taken specific steps to accommodate female staff.

HR manager Anna West said: “The more we educate girls and young women about the possible career opportunities available, the more interest we get.

Using our own female role models to promote employment opportunities within our organisation is very helpful.”

She praised one recent apprentice, Chloe Goode, who stood out among the applicants for an apprenticeship in warehousing and storage with her can-do attitude. Anna said: “She is a hard worker and takes every task in her stride.”

“We have a gender positive statement within the factory and we have used Chloe for photographs to show we encourage female employees at our workplace. Additional female toilets have been built in the factory. Our policy is to treat all employees fairly and equally. We ensure this is achieved by monitoring the composition of the workforce to ensure that this policy is effective.”
Anna West, HR manager at CMS Windows

During the past two years, the company has put more than 100 people through a Modern Apprenticeship.

CMS Windows explained the benefits of MAs include lower recruitment costs, retention, commitment and skilled workers for the future, which all contribute towards greater business sustainability.

Anna added staff have reacted positively to having a woman on the shop floor and the company plans to attract more female applicants for their MA positions by liaising with schools and colleges to educate pupils, teachers and parents.

“Our young people are the lifeblood of our organisation. Without them, CMS would not be the success it is today. We need to breakdown the long-held beliefs that children should go to university as their first option and jobs in the construction sector are not suitable for girls. The construction sector can be challenging but exciting too. If you are prepared to work hard the rewards are excellent.”
Anna West, HR manager at CMS Windows

Equate Scotland is supporting employers who want to attract more women into their sectors. The organisation is an expert in gender equality in science engineering, technology and the built environment.

It said: “Equate Scotland regularly supports employers like CMS Windows, guiding them on the practical steps they can take to recruit and retain women.

“We are looking to work with more employers in the STEM and construction industries who want to increase diversity in their workforces.”

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Or visit to learn more about Modern Apprenticeships.