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How to write a Marketplace opportunity that stands out

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A great Marketplace opportunity starts with a well-written title and description. This guide explains how to maximise your opportunity's appeal to teachers and young people.

When creating an opportunity, the title and description is your selling space. It’s what teachers see when they’re browsing My World of Work - so it’s important to make sure your company stands out.

Your opportunity description needs to make young people feel inspired and excited about what your industry has to offer. It should also to cover any practical considerations that will help your opportunity run smoothly.

Before creating your title and description, consider the following:

  • Will this opportunity inspire young people?
  • Is it an attractive offer for teachers? Remember, they’ll be the ones booking your opportunity for young people
  • Have you made it clear what students will get from the session? Teachers want your opportunity to achieve clear learning outcomes for their students
  • Could you include hands-on activities to get pupils out their seats?

Start with an inspiring opening

Here's an example of a construction company's description:

Inspiring Professional Careers in Construction

Construction is a career like no other. It isn’t just about hard hats and hi-vis, there are a huge number of professional careers in the construction industry and many routes into these careers.

Company A would love to visit your school to illustrate the opportunities that construction can offer and share our passion for the exciting industry we work in.

Set out what you'll deliver and how

It's a good idea to include your presentation method, how it will be interactive and what young people will receive:

Our events offer a presentation on professional careers in construction and the available routes into the industry. There will also be short presentations from young people working in the industry, talking about their personal experience and why they chose a career in Construction.

Following these presentations, there will be construction related interactive games and activities for the pupils to take part in. This will help them explore the types of skills and technology involved with a career in construction. Our events are aimed at S3 and S4 pupils.

Some final points to consider

  • Don’t include times, dates and locations in your description – you'll find a section for this when you create an event
  • It’s a good idea to include details of the delivery method. For example, if your delivery is in a school, does the teacher need to arrange a hall or IT equipment
  • Consider who from your organisation will be delivering the session. Who’s a good presenter and comfortable around young people?
  • Taking part in Marketplace is a great development opportunity for your staff. Do you have an apprentice, intern or role model who could also attend the session and help inspire the pupils?

Need some extra help and support?

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