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The Certificate of Work Readiness is designed to create ‘job ready’ employees who are taking their first steps into the world of work.

You’ll offer an unemployed person 10 weeks of work experience – with free support from a local training provider.

They’ll spend a total of 190 hours in your business. At the end of the placement, you’ll assess their performance as part of a CWR qualification, which is accredited by the SQA.

This means you can give someone with limited work experience the opportunity to flourish in your business, while at the same time tailoring the work placement to your needs.

Five reasons to get involved

  1. 190 hours of work experience is a great way to see if someone can grow with our company.
  2. Taking on someone with limited work experience can be a challenge. With CWR, you’ve got support from a training provider who covers the workplace essentials before the placement
  3. You’ll be supporting someone in gaining an SQA accredited qualification
  4. CWR helps you motivate and develop your existing staff by being able to offer mentoring roles
  5. Many employers use CWR as a way to recruit someone who shows potential but needs some structured work experience first

What employers say

“I enjoyed being part of CWR and would definitely take part in it again. The whole experience can help people go forward, gain skills, get work experience and help them when applying for other roles. For our organisation, even having helped just one person and being able to see them thrive and grow, makes it worthwhile.”
Paul Mair, WH Malcolm depot manager (pictured left Paul Mair with CWR participant Craig Hughes)
“David was an enthusiastic addition. We have been delighted with his progress and see no reason why he cannot continue to further his career within the company. We are now using CWR as a route for other potential employees.”
ACI Integrated Solutions (pictured left, David Pate with tutor Kulvinder Cainth)

Interested in Certificate of Work Readiness?

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