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What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a way of offering fully or partly funded training or work experience within your business - boosting your team's skills and saving you money. Your apprentice's work with your business will count toward industry-recognised qualifications, up to Master's level if needed.

You can use apprenticeships to develop the skills of your existing staff or to take on and train new talent.

There are three different models of apprenticeship available to employers in Scotland:

Foundation Apprenticeships

A Foundation Apprentice is a school or college student who can work two afternoons or one full day a week at your business over the course of 30 weeks. 

You'll get early access to new talent and promote an interest in your industry among the next generation. Meanwhile, your apprentice will receive a qualification and may even continue onto a Modern Apprenticeship with your business.

There are no wages or other costs for you to pay.

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Modern Apprenticeships

You can offer a Modern Apprenticeship to an existing member of staff or take on someone new. You'll pay your Modern Apprentice’s wages and Skills Development Scotland will cover 25% to 50% of their training costs. Your apprentice's work with you will count towards an official qualification.

There are 80 types of Modern Apprenticeship available, covering industries from food and drink to IT.

Most Modern Apprenticeships are for people aged 16-25, although some are available to older people.

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Graduate Apprenticeships

A Graduate Apprenticeship offers work-based training for current or new staff. By working around 80% and studying around 20% of the week, they can earn qualifications up to Masters level.

Graduate Apprenticeships are available in these areas:

IT: Software Development
IT: Management for Business
Civil Engineering
Engineering: Design and Manufacture

You will cover your apprentice’s wages, but their training will be funded by Skills Development Scotland.

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