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You pay their wages. We'll help pay for their training.

The latest annual statistics from Skills Development Scotland show there were 27, 145 Modern Apprenticeship starts in 2017-18. This means Scotland is on course to meet its commitment of 30,000 apprenticeship starts each year by 2020.

What is a Modern Apprenticeship?

In a nutshell, it’s on-the-job training for current or new employees that leads to an industry approved qualification. Your workforce becomes better-skilled as your employees gain industry knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t have attained.

Is one right for your business?

There are more than 80 different types of Modern Apprenticeships on offer to cater for almost any sector. From traditional industries such as construction and engineering through to sports management and digital media, more and more opportunities are developing each year.

Find a full list here and below. (Pictured right, Cheryl Pryde)

Does size matter?

Absolutely not. You can take on an apprentice whether you run a small firm or an international company.

Just like anyone you employ, you’ll pay each apprentice a wage. They’ll divide their time between classroom learning and work meaning they’ll receive  the best knowledge about industry.

A training provider will support you through the hiring process, to make sure you and the apprentice that you and the apprentice have adequate assistance throughout and also deal with funding for the training.

What's in it for you?

  • Modern Apprentices are the secret to building a skilled, motivated workforce – backed by industry-recognised qualifications and highly structured training.
  • You can plug skills gaps and build your future workforce at the same time.
  • Apprentices can answer your restructuring needs, whether you’re developing or downsizing your staff.
  • Young people offer new exciting ways of thinking and offer fresh opportunities for your current staff such as mentoring.
  • You can offer extra training to current employees so their talents grow in step with your business. (Pictured, Kai Watson)

What about the apprenticeship levy?

From April 2017, all UK employers with annual salary bills of more than £3 million will pay an apprenticeship levy. For further information regarding how it might affect your business, visit

Search and support

Check out our full list of Modern Apprenticeships on offer.

Find an approved training provider near your business.

What are Foundation and Graduate Apprenticeships?

Enhanced Modern Apprenticeships

ENABLE Scotland’s Enhanced Modern Apprenticeship Support Package is fully funded by the Scottish Government to raise the profile of young people with barriers to employment within the Scottish workforce.

The Open Doors programme supports our joint ambition with Scottish Government to ensure diversity in uptake of apprenticeships, putting in place the help needed for both the individual and employer.

Here's what other employers think...

"The benefits Modern Apprenticeships bring to the business include high quality trainees who can rise to senior levels in their operations. It is a big commitment but if you are building a business to last it is the right thing to do."
Ian Close, Apache North Sea Operations Support Superintendent
“We support apprenticeships because they bring a long-term security to the business and they will help us survive for the future. It also allows us to train the apprentices in the skills that are very particular to Lothian Buses.”
Bill Devlin, Engineering Director, Lothian Buses. Pictured, Kyle McLeod
“Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to develop industry and site specific skills that benefit their organisations."
Barry Turnbull, Emtelle
“Modern Apprentices bring an enthusiasm for the industry that often sparks our more experienced workforce’s passion. They bring a new outlook that the company can use to inspire future generations. Apprentices are ultimately our future talent pipeline and the benefits of investing in the programme can be clearly seen by all in the workforce."
Gail McKendrick, GE Caledonian. Pictured Graham McClung

How to get the ball rolling

Visit, the go-to place for everything MA, where you can advertise vacancies, check out case studies and see some of the other employers who are involved. You can also call 0800 783 6000 for support.

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