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Safety in numbers (of years)

Jimi Hendrix once said: 'Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.' It's not a bad explanation of the benefits that working age employees can bring to your workforce. They make ready-made mentors, trainers and supporters of your younger workers, encouraging them through example of best practice.

Experienced. Dependable. Focused.

Experience shows when it comes to strong communication in the workplace. Mature employees have often learned when to speak up and how to listen. This diplomacy and good judgment is a valuable asset.

You’ll find older employees have confidence in their abilities and are efficient due to their honed organisational skills and attention to detail. They’re focused, take pride in their work and will often go the extra mile.

And they display key qualities of a good employee such as punctuality and diplomacy.

Get expert advice

Investors in People maintains the standard for great people management. Along with helping with your recruitment process, they can support workforce development and the building of a solid company culture.

Their simple 5-step checklist for recruiting a skilled workforce can help you understand what you’re looking for and why your company values play an integral part in this.

Once you understand exactly what you’re looking for in terms of behaviours, characteristics, and values, Investors in People suggest you ‘shout it from the rooftops’. Make sure your ideals resound strongly on your website and job advertisements, so you can attract the right people.

Turning redundancy into a positive

PACE – Partnership Action for Continuing Employment - offers free support and advice to employees and employers, of any size, when an individual or business is affected by redundancy.

Skills Development Scotland is the lead agency in delivering PACE and our skilled advisers are there to guide businesses - and their staff - through one of the most stressful periods that people face in life.

Because PACE supports companies across Scotland, the partnership can often connect businesses looking to hire new people with those making redundancies.

Find out more about how PACE can support you.

Business Gateway

Business Gateway offers a tailored programme of recruitment support through their partners Jobs and Business Glasgow.

The service can work through legal requirements, best practice and finding the right candidate.

Their regular training sessions deal with creating job descriptions, advertising your vacancy, handling initial candidate enquiries, managing application forms, completing pre-screen interviews, filtering candidates, organising, confirming and conducting final interviews and providing feedback to unsuccessful interviewees.

Ask Business Gateway for more details or phone 0141 274 3266 to speak to one of the team directly.

Commonwealth Employment Initiatives

The initiatives are one of the legacies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

There are four funding strands that employers can apply for to take on new staff: The Commonwealth Apprenticeship Initiative (for school leavers), Commonwealth Jobs Fund (for long-term unemployed young people, over 50s or ex-Armed Forces), Commonwealth Graduate Fund (recent graduates) and Commonwealth Youth Fund (for young people not covered above).

Learn more about the Glasgow Guarantee or ask a Business Gateway adviser.


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