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Graduate Apprenticeships

Boost your employees' skills up to Master's degree level

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International experience shows how degree-level apprenticeships can drive economic growth and benefit your employees' skillsets. We believe this approach can benefit employers in Scotland.

What are Graduate Apprenticeships?

Graduate Apprenticeships are work-based learning opportunities up to Master’s degree level for your employees. Combining university with employment, these apprenticeships are created in partnership with the further and higher education sector and industry.

For up to 4 years, apprentices can progress to the highest level of professional qualification with a range of entry and exit points from a Higher National Diploma (SCQF level 8) to a Master’s degree (SCQF level 11).

Given that apprentices are first and foremost employees, graduate apprenticeships are part-funded by participating employers. Typically, apprentices spend around 80% of their time in work and 20% of their time with a university or college.

Why have they been developed?

Recent research suggests that 72% of Scottish employers think job applicants lack technical, practical or job specific skills. This means there is an educational gap between employers and prospective employees.

Graduate apprenticeships equip current and future employees with the skills and knowledge that Scottish industries need.

By investing in your staff through the apprenticeships, you can develop your workforce and support them to develop their skills to industry and professional standards.

And, as they are designed around the intricate needs of industry, employers can have confidence that what their staff are learning at college or university is directly contributing to the success of the business.

In turn, graduate apprentices can directly apply their academic learning to real-life situations whilst earning and gaining access to all employee benefits.

Why they could be for you

  • By investing in your staff through apprenticeships, you can develop your employees' skills to industry and professional standards.
  • The apprenticeships are designed around the needs of industry so what your staff learn at college or university will directly contribute to the success of your business.
  • Your staff can access higher levels of academic learning and industry accreditation, boosting the professional credentials of your workforce.
  • Graduate Apprenticeships can help you recruit, support and retain staff who want to progress academically as they work and earn a wage.

Are they available in your sector?

There are currently 19 courses across nine of Scotland’s universities and colleges, including engineering, construction, financial services, and early learning and childcare.

As they develop we expect more and more people will access the programme in a range of additional industry sectors.

Want to know more?

Visit apprenticeships.scot to find more on what's available and how you can get involved.

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