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The T in team stands for training

You don’t have to buy a new car to drive faster in the business lane. Just soup up the engine you already have by upskilling your current employees. Upskill. It’s an ugly word for a brilliant way to meet your business development objectives. Collins Dictionary defines the word as: to improve the aptitude for work of a person by additional training. So in a nutshell: training. One creative way to invest in your workforce is through Modern Apprenticeships and Graduate Level Apprenticeships.

How do Modern Apprenticeships work?

Employees are offered a structured, focused route to new skills through MA frameworks, which have been designed for specific industries.

The training is packed with relevant, useful skills, and at the end of it all, there’s an industry-recognised qualification.

Succeed together

Your employees earn while they learn and move to the next level. You get real results.

Modern Apprenticeships will give them the confidence they need to realise their full potential. It’s also a great way of motivating your team.

Head to to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's our handy guide to Modern Apprenticeships. You can also get in touch if your question isn't answered below.

How do I take on an MA?

Decide on what the role will involve, how much you’ll pay and what qualifications you’re looking for. We'll help you find a training provider for your MA and our employer engagement advisers are here to assist with any questions.

Who do I contact about getting a Modern Apprenticeship pathway created within my sector?

It’s easy to find an apprenticeship framework to suit your business. Just head to and search by job title – there are 80 frameworks, covering hundreds of jobs. Or look for a training provider – they can help with recruitment, admin, training and assessment.

Can Skills Development Scotland help with funding if I’m interested in hiring a Modern Apprentice?

Just like any other employee, you pay your MA’s wages. We’ll then pay towards the cost of training; your business pays the balance.

Who delivers Modern Apprenticeships?

A local training provider manages and delivers the training to your Modern Apprentices – all the way to qualification. 
Many training providers will give you support and advice along the way.

Can you help me recruit an MA?

You can upload your Modern Apprenticeship vacancies on for free. If you need support at any time please call 0800 783 6000.

Do you pay the wages for an MA?

We'll contribute to the training costs while you pay your MA's wage. 

Where can I find out about the available MA frameworks?

You can check out the database of MAs that are available and take your pick.

How do I attract the right candidate for a job and replace someone in a key role who is leaving?

Our dedicated website supports people who want to become an apprentice by listing all the jobs on offer. 

What support is available when I take on an MA?

Get in touch on 0800 783 6000 and we can answer all your questions. Or fill out an employer support form

Graduate Level Apprenticeships

International experience demonstrates how degree-level apprenticeships can drive economic growth. We believe this approach can benefit the Scottish economy. These new qualifications boost your employees' skills up to Master's degree level as they learn while they earn. 

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