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What's happening on the ground

It’s all well and good us telling you to identify the skills you need. But we need to practise what we preach. That way we can work together to meet our ambitions at an individual and at a national level. We're collating data in several ways to better understand the lay of Scotland's skills landscape.

Skills Development Scotland and its partners are working together to develop skills assessments and labour market information that will help businesses, government and individuals see where gaps exist and how best to plug them.

We love an acronym in the public sector so you might have heard some of the terms listed below flying around.

Here’s our breakdown of what they mean and what we’re doing to match Scotland's workforce to your skills needs.

Evidence-based approach to skills investment

Skills Investment Plans

The aim behind SIPs is to bring skills demand and supply closer together.

SIPs describe the skills challenges and opportunities across Scotland’s eleven key sectors, which are: chemical science, creative industries, construction sector, energy sector, engineering and financial services, food and drink, Highlands and Islands, ICT and digital technologies, tourism and life sciences.

They give a picture of the economic and labour market situation, trends in skills and qualification supply and employers’ perspectives on the big skills issues affecting sector growth.

They help us ensure that SDS services for employers line up with the SIP recommendations. Find out more at our SIPs page.

Regional Skills Investment Plans

We’ve now extended this approach to include Regional Skills Investment Plans (RSIPs), which recognise the diverse needs of regions across Scotland.

This work takes account of the particular challenges, opportunities and drivers at regional level.

The RSIP for the Highlands and Islands enterprise area is the first of these regional plans. Work has already begun to extend this to other regions.

Regional Skills Assessments

Want to know more about what’s happening in your area when it comes to investment in skills?

Regional Skills Assessments were launched in 2014 with the aim of providing a single evidence base that could be used to build future strategic investment in skills.

How do they work for you?

You can access the key data that is regularly collated and broken down to regional, local authority, city and Scotland-wide level where available.

The data matrix covers topics including people and skills supply, workforce profiles and skills mismatches and may prove a helpful resource. If you’d like more information, get in touch by email.

Labour Market Information

You can check out what’s happening in the labour market in your Local Authority area though LMIs, which provide an overview of employment rates, claimant count unemployment and youth unemployment.

The information is updated monthly. You can find out about the latest data on our Skills Development Scotland website.

There you’ll also find key data on what is happening in that area including information on redundancies, Modern Apprenticeship uptake and the number of businesses who have received advice from our employer engagement team.