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Why it's good to be in the culture club

Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, tweeted at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony: "This is for everyone." This revolutionary and democratic message is also handily the key to fostering a great company culture, which in turn helps you keep quality employees. Take into account all of your staff. The culture has to work from top to bottom. Companies with a high rate of retention are also more attractive to skilled employees, so it's a win-win.

Come up with a strategy

Work is a place where people spend vast chunks of their lives. If we’re not happy, we’ll leave.

So it makes good sense to make your organisation fair, inclusive, open, rewarding and encouraging.

Often companies with a strong culture will use it as a way of celebrating success. If you're doing well, you'll want to shout about it.

Early leaders often exhibit the culture they go on to develop, and employ others who will fit in. Is transparency important to you? Then your team leaders need to exhibit that trait.

Why not ask employees who exhibit the right traits what they like about the current culture? What don’t they like? Work their answers into your strategy.

And even if you’re a microbusiness of one, be a good boss to yourself!

Do you display these signs of a strong culture?

  • Managers who listen to employees to gauge and understand feedback. This will boost morale and make them feel valued
  • Greater tendency to invest in their employees
  • Recognition that culture is critical to talent retention
  • Greater understanding of their ‘audience’ − customers, stakeholders and investors
  • Greater engagement across teams and more likely to share information widely
  • Greater capacity and openness to change.

Follow Kaizen – the Japanese practice of continuous improvement

  • Provide clear objectives so everyone knows the goals of the business and their place in realising them. Communicate them across the workforce. Be honest and avoid jargon.
  • A sense of fairness is key so people feel there is a consistent approach across the workforce. Achieve this through a solid equality and diversity policy.
  • Keep an eye on ways to improve. Creating the right culture is an ongoing challenge. Try to foster a sense of teamwork so individuals feel they have a part to play in your vision.
  • If you’ve identified areas that need changed, fix them. Failed promises are not great for a cohesive and happy workforce.

Help with equality and diversity

Embracing the talents of staff from a wide range of different backgrounds is important in building a healthy company culture. A working environment that is fair, inclusive and welcoming for everyone is essential to staff satisfaction and retention.

Check out our page about diversity and your business for resources to help  with all your equality questions, whether they be general enquiries or specific queries around BAME, disability, religious, LGBT or sex equality issues.

You'll find handy links, downloads and short case studies.

What's next?

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