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The Small is Beautiful conference is aimed at microenterprises looking for inspiration and connections with like-minded people.

Some of the world’s leading thinkers on solopreneurship have spoken at the annual event in Edinburgh, which is designed to provide tools and ideas for people to start or continue their journey as small enterprises across Scotland.

Does small mean small amounts of money? Small Impact? Small ambition?

Small is Beautiful says: “No! No! No! Small might be a one-person venture ­- a freelancer, an artist, a publisher or a therapist. But small doesn't mean small in terms of aspiration, quality, reach, talent, creativity, impact, ambition, or even money.

“The EU definition of a micro is up to €2million turnover – that is not small!

“Just that the approach to growth is more than just the bottom line and job creation. It is about the high quality of your work, and your relationships; your collaborations and global influence and a low impact on the planet."

Microenterprises are on the rise across the UK and internationally. SiB says: “This is not a direct consequence of the economic crisis."

“People are making choices to thrive in ways that sustain their relationships to family, community, networks and to the planet.”
Small is Beautiful

Their speakers have covered a range of topics, from how to make the most of all of your skills in your business, how to use digital well to manage your business efficiently, creatively and with low carbon impact; how to make money while having integrity in your mission; and "aspiring to be small but aspiring greatly".

The conference attracts a range of people from the creative sector: makers, designers, artists, producers, filmmakers, photographers; well-being practitioners including masseuses, therapists, coaches; digital folk including web designers, coders and app developers and people from food, drink and tourism microbusinesses.

Skills Development Scotland is a keen supporter of the event and funded the 2016 Small is Beautiful Breakthrough Fellowships for Creative Graduate Startups.

What's next?

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