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Make the commitment today

Scotland relies on businesses like yours to create lasting economic success, building sustainable growth that also achieves fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation.

The Scottish Business Pledge has nine components:

  1. Paying the living wage
  2. Not using exploitative zero hours contracts
  3. Supporting progressive workforce engagement
  4. Investing in youth
  5. Making progress on diversity and gender balance
  6. Committing to an innovation programme
  7. Pursuing international business opportunities
  8. Playing an active role in the community
  9. Committing to prompt payment

Making the Pledge means:

  • Meeting the core commitment of paying the Living Wage
  • Fulfilling any two other Pledge elements now
  • A longer-term commitment to all nine elements.

Not every additional commitment needs to be made at once. What is important is the journey and the longer term.

Visit the Scottish Business Pledge website to find out how making the commitment is good for business.

Living Wage – delivers a more committed workforce

No zero hours contracts – brings benefits to your business

Workforce engagement – adds value to your business

Invest in youth – the benefits of new blood

Balanced workforce – businesses with more diversity do better

Innovation – creates new value for your business

Internalisation – explore opportunities to access new markets

Community – connect with your customers by giving something back

Prompt payment – has a positive impact on your suppliers.

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