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LifeSkills gives young people the skills they need and helps you find promising employees.

Employers can offer work experience placements through the LifeSkills initiative, created by Barclays.

The placements help young people aged 11-19 get the skills and experience they need to unlock their potential and become the valuable and skilled employees of the future.

Before starting work experience, all LifeSkills students need to spend around six hours developing their people, work and money skills in class or online – and are handpicked by their teacher to match any placements your business offers. Which means you get interested, enthusiastic young students full of fresh ideas.


What are the benefits for your business?

LifeSkills offers businesses a chance to:

  • Build a positive profile for their business
  • Tap into sources of new ideas and fresh thinking
  • Spot a potential star employee
  • Invest in the future of their industry

When Barclays asked small businesses for their thoughts on work experience, over half believed they were tapping into a source of new recruits. Seven out of ten said they'd be happy to offer work experience again.

What's next?

 For more details and to sign up go to the LifeSkills website.

Want to find out about more initiatives? Visit our Inspiration hub.

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