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Join the employers who work with schools to build a new global generation of problem-solvers and makers: students who can create, launch and market new products that change the world (and your business).

Your company or organisation could become a corporate partner, supporting the programme in a variety of ways.

Or you could encourage your employees to become Apps for Good experts. Experts meet with students and their teacher in one hour sessions, giving them advice on how to move from problem to prototype.

"Never has an educational programme opened up so many opportunities to students and so many doors to industry."
Chris Aitken, teacher at Wick High School

How does it work?

Apps for Good works with volunteers who are keen to share their skills and knowledge in new product development by offering as little as one hour per year.

The course teaches coding and the fundamentals of the digital world, while also developing skills in problem solving, creativity, communication and teamwork.

With a focus on solving real issues that matter to young people, students learn the full software product development process in a hands-on way.

This better prepares them to join the world of work, and to become your future developers.

"The pure imagination of their [the kids'] ideas is inspiring."
Yaseed Chaumoo, a Senior User Experience Designer at Tribal Worldwide

What's next?

Be inspired to join the programme on the Apps for Good website.

Want to find out about more initiatives? Visit our Inspiration hub.

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